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Become a Sponsor

To sponsor a bird is an exciting way to help a permanent resident here at the sanctuary. Many people choose to sponsor a bird because their own household is full, they live too far away to physically adopt or they simply want to help support a particular bird that will become close to their heart. This is a great way for individuals, families, or groups to become closely involved with the sanctuary.

All sponsorships can be for either an annual, quarterly, or monthly period and some people prefer to sponsor an follow a bird through its entire life here.

As a sponsor, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Your parrot's personal story

  • A photo of your unique parrot

  • Updates on your parrot's well-being as they venture with us through life

The Costs to Sponsor a Bird are:

Small - $10 Monthly

Medium - $15 to $20 Monthly

For Additional Information:

Please call us at (908) 303-9804


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