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What Sy’s Piece of Heaven Does for Parrots

People love pets, but a day may come where they can no longer take care of them. Dogs can be delivered to farms and cats can be given to lonely neighbors, but what do you do with a parrot? Many people aren’t interested in getting a messy, sometimes noisy, feathered roommate! Some birds can’t handle the change, either. So what are you to do when you simply can’t keep your feathered friend? This is the very reason Sy’s Piece of Heaven exists.

Parrots can be challenging pets. They need regular love and care, brain stimulation, socialization, cleaning, feeding, and a safe home environment. They also live for decades, some times even out-living an owner. Their medical care can be expensive and complicated, requiring a specialized vet. Because of this, many people end up unable to care for a bird for its entire life span, and the parrot has to be relocated. However, parrots form strong bonds with their families and may not transition well to a new one.

Sy’s Piece of Heaven is a place these birds can live out the rest of their lives in safety, comfort, and a loving, social environment. As a parrot sanctuary, we provide a permanent home for abandoned or unwanted birds that have no place to go. These are birds that can’t be adopted out because of their special needs. We also rescue neglected or outright abused birds, giving them the medical care and love they so desperately need. This means regular vet trips, healthy food, clean and climate-controlled living spaces, toys, and attention.

Of course, volunteers and donations make all of this possible! We can’t support our birds’ health and well-being on our own. It takes thousands of dollars a month to support a parrot sanctuary. That’s why sponsoring a rescued bird is such a big help. If you’re interested in our work, providing for a rescued parrot, or looking for more information about raising your own feathered friend, contact our Easton, PA sanctuary! We don’t adopt out our permanent residents, but we do connect potential owners with adoptable birds. Just call (908) 303-9804 or e-mail with the word “Sy’s” in the subject line.

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