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Tips for Care for Your Parrot

Category: Parrot Care

April 17, 2023

Posted By Amannda Steinmann

Welcoming a bird into your home is an exciting time! A new fea

thered friend can add joy and excitement to your daily life. It also adds many new responsibilities and routines to your days. It takes a lot of time and effort to care for your parrot. A happy, healthy bird, however, can be a life-lo

ng friend and family member!

Parrot care is fairly involved. It includes cage cleaning, feeding, exercising, and grooming. Here are a few tips to help you offer the best parrot care possible to your feathered friend:

• Get the right cage — The cage needs to be spacious enough for your bird to move freely and get some exercise, along with multiple perches. Some birds like taller or wider cages, too.

• Clean and place it well — The lining in the bottom of the cage has to be replaced daily, and other parts of the cage will need regular cleaning as well. Situate the cage where your bird can see the "action" in your home, too. However, avoid placing it near windows—they are drafty—or in kitchens, since they can contain dangerous fumes.

• Bird-proof your house — Birds need some out-of-cage time as well. Bird-proof your house so your feathered friend can flutter around in freedom for a little each day. Cover furniture and objects your pet might chew.

• Exercise and play — Spend time socializing and playing with your parrot. Provide plenty of toys to stimulate its mind, so it doesn't get bored.

• Invest In the best food — Parrots need a variety of foods in their diets. Include seeds, fruits, vegetables, grains, and pellets in your pet's diet in the proportions the bird's species needs.

• Watch for signs of sickness — The better you know your bird, the easier it will be to tell it something is wrong. Watch tor abnormal behavior or appetite changes that may signal illness. Get to know the bird-specific vets In your area as well.

As always, research all about your prospective parrot's species-specific needs so you can provide the best care. The Sy's Piece of Heaven sanctuary can help you find resources it you need them. Knowing all the effort that has to go into parrot care, you can see why we need volunteer help and bird sponsors! If you're interested in helping Sy's provide care for birds rescued from abuse and neglect, call us at (908) 303-9804!

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